Giving Season - One Million Miracle Meals

Giving Season - One Million Miracle Meals

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This project is no longer accepting donations. Thank you for your support.

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How You Can Help

10,000 Miracle Meals

25,000 Miracle Meals

50,000 Miracle Meals

250,000 Miracle Meals


About This Project

Through Transform, we encounter thousands of hungry and vulnerable children. Last year, 22% of Transform participants went to bed hungry at least once a week.

Nutrient fortified Miracle Meals give children the energy they need to combat diseases, attend school and make friends. They help parents tend to future needs to better nurture their family.

We would like to invite you, our US partner, to fill empty tummies and educate vulnerable families. YOU can make hope shine through as you transform lives!

Will you be the miracle today?

A gift pledge of $400 delivers 10,000 meals.

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International Care Ministries

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